Yogi talks about exodus of deputies, Akhilesh; Cong’s infighting grows

Yet another coalition has sprung up against the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, with army chief Bhim Chandrashekhar Azad announcing on Monday, the Samajik Parivartan Morcha (SPM) – a coalition of 35 smaller political parties. Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, Azad said his coalition was fighting for representation, not the CM seat. Azad himself decided to fight against Yogi Adityanath for the urban constituency of Gorakhpur. The 403-seat UP assembly is up for grabs in a 7-stage election from February 10 to March 7. The results will be announced on March 10.

“Many parties have come together for BJP. Today we have joined all these alliances to avoid splitting opposition votes. We have come together to stop BJP and give a new turn to UP. All UP governments have been unable to live up to people’s expectations and have therefore been rejected,” he said.

Speaking about his fallout with the Samajwadi party, he said, “In this struggle for social justice, we are trying to advance the backward classes and those who are duped by these politicians. We haven’t had a good experience with the big parties, that’s why we have allied with smaller parties. We have allied with those who have worked hard, faced obstacles, imprisoned under false cases. Samajik Parivartan Morcha will give them opportunities”.

Elaborating on his poll plan, he said, “People are against BJP in UP, so BJP prefers virtual rallies. They don’t meet people. If I had allied with the grand alliance (SP alliance), I might have become an MP or a minister. It is only personal gain, there would have been no good for society. Therefore, we prepare leaders to fight for social justice. When the results arrive, you will see that our representatives will be elected to the Assembly because people are not stupid to continue to vote for the same former deputies.”

Preparing for the Gorakhpur challenge, he said: “This is my first election. People have to decide whether they want a leader who fights for them or the CM who gathered in Bengal when the UP people were struggling. for oxygen”. The SPM is jointly led by Azad and Dr. Ayub Khan – leader of the Peace Party. A peace party spokesperson said: “We are fighting under the joint leadership of Chandrashekhar Azad and Dr Ayub Khan for the 403 seats. We are not fighting for the CM seat, we just want to win seats.”

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