What Melaka State election result portends for Malaysian political coalitions

“UMNO must show that it can handle a big landslide and not be absorbed into absolute power,” he said, warning against the repeat of BN’s losses in the 2008 and 2018 elections. after his landslide victory in 2004.

BN had proposed during Melaka’s election campaign to amend the state constitution to include five appointed state lawmakers. That would bring its seats to 26 out of 33, a majority of 79 percent.

“And if UMNO cannot avoid power struggles and corruption, the Melaka landslide could prove to be a curse in GE15,” said Dr Wong.

Pointing out that BN chairman and UMNO chairman Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had promised stabilizing reforms for Melaka in his victory speech, such as anti-shopping legislation and equal constituency allowances, Dr Wong noted that the opposition PH coalition had been slow to complete institutional reform. .

It was good that PH no longer had a monopoly on reform, he said.

“Compared to the BN led federal government and Perak state government, which offered equal constituency funding to elected opposition representatives, PH state governments still refuse to do so. “

“With the UMNO now talking about reforms such as the anti-jump recall law and the constructive no-confidence vote, voters who want these reforms at the federal and other state levels can ditch PH for UMNO, if PH refuses to catch up, ”added Dr Wong.

Ahmad Zahid had pledged to introduce the constructive vote of no confidence in his victory speech on Saturday night to ensure that the state government remains intact.

A constructive vote of no-confidence means that a motion of no-confidence against the outgoing chief minister is tied to a motion of confidence in his successor, Dr Wong explained. Both must be passed at once, he said

“Testing the claim inside the legislature is an implication.

“The other implication, the most important for the general public, is that either you have a new majority government or the current government continues, no early election is necessary. With a constructive vote of no confidence, there would not have been this state ballot in Melaka, ”he added.

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