What is it about the suffrage laws you oppose?

A voter votes during early voting at a polling place in New York City on Oct. 30, 2020. (Elizabeth Bick/The New York Times)

I have a few questions for the Utah delegation to the United States House and Senate.

What is it about the proposed suffrage laws that you oppose?

Is it mail-in voting, which we’ve been doing successfully in Utah since 2013?

Is it early voting, which gives voters more opportunities to submit their ballots?

Are you against having a federal holiday on Election Day to allow more voters to fulfill their civic duty?

Are you against the idea that it should be a crime to lie to voters to dissuade them from voting?

Perhaps you are in favor of gerrymandering – the process that allows politicians to select voters and not voters to choose their representatives. None of our representatives in the House voted for either bill and, as things are structured, our senators will not need to formally vote for or against the bills, but it seems that as representatives of the people, these ideas correspond exactly to what the country must be built.

Seaman Madalyn, Millcreek

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