We don’t need an election security force in Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis’ push to create a electoral security force supposedly eradicating and preventing voter fraud is a bad idea that seems worse the closer it gets to reality in Florida.

Following:Florida Senate Republicans press ahead with election security critics who say vote will be blunted

Let’s just count the ways DeSantis’ potential “election police” is sheer madness on steroids:

• It’s clearly useless

According to all objective assessments – including a brilliant from DeSantis himself – voting throughout Florida in 2020 went smoothly and largely without issue despite an above-normal turnout of 77% in the general election.

It’s clearly a waste..

Indeed, it still challenges the idea that DeSantis originally wanted to spend nearly $6 million to staff a 52-member election security force that — given the lack of genuine, documented cases of voter fraud in Florida – would be like keeping a team of heavily encumbered sleuths on call to track down possible prison escapees.

And, no, that doesn’t seem any less excessive now that the state’s Senate Ethics and Elections Committee has backed a proposal by state Sen. Travis Hutson that would reduce the election security force to 15 personnel who would provide advice on electoral fraud. to 10 Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators.

That would be another 25 people collecting taxpayer-funded paychecks to focus on a problem that doesn’t really exist under a lightly created agency that has no real purpose.

It has the disturbing potential to become a vehicle for voter intimidation in Florida.

Make no mistake: There’s a reason many voting rights groups have raised vocal opposition to the creation of a rump police team to peek into the Florida election — and also why many election officials across the state have also expressed concern.

Unfortunately, the Senate panel’s recent vote means the Election Security Force remains on track to take shape – though it’s worth noting that Hutson has said he’s open to revising his version of DeSantis’ proposal. to allay fears about whether there were enough “checks and balances” to control what this useless entity would do.

If Hutson is truly sincere in making this offer, we are happy to accept it.

We’d like to suggest that Hutson finish the job he’s already started by halving the Election Security Force – and once again reduce it to the one number that makes sense when it comes to this ridiculous plan:


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