Voter skeptical of Georgia 2020 election results interviews experts

His name is Marc Nolan. He is 67 years old, married with two adult children, a proud Army veteran and a retired technical executive.

These days, however, the longtime Cherokee County resident is best known in the community as “Coach Nolan.” He trains future kickers who try to join college football teams and the NFL. Nolan, himself, briefly played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1978.

When 11Alive met with Nolan last October, he made it clear that he was not confident in the results of Georgia’s 2020 election or the people who ran the state’s elections. Over the past year, Marc has repeatedly posted his concerns on social media. The day after the November election, he wrote on Facebook: “Power-hungry DNC politicians… have an election STOLEN.

He also slammed former Georgia Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler on Twitter, writing. “Unfortunately you are not a fighter!” for refusing to contest the election results hours after the attack on the US Capitol.

Doubtful of the results, but eager to know more. Over the next few weeks, he will have the opportunity to interview four leading election experts in the state, including Georgia Secretary Brad Raffensperger.

The first expert Marc meets is Nancy Boren, Director of Elections in Columbus, Georgia, at the Muscogee County Office of Elections. It’s a two-hour drive from his home in Woodstock.

Boren has been in his role for over 26 years. She is also a member of the Georgia Elections Advisory Council and the United States Election Assistance Commission, which helps set national election standards.

In Marc’s interview with Boren, he learned what happened to thousands of voters who the Republican Party said shouldn’t have been on the voter rolls. Boren also explains why she doesn’t believe there is a “gold standard” in voting machines, but remains confident in Georgia’s 2020 election results.

I don’t believe there is a gold standard when it comes to voting equipment. I think it has to be a combination of everything. I think it has to be voter friendliness, election worker friendliness, safety, security, transportation capacity,” Boren said.

Watch Marc’s full interview with Nancy Boren here.

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