Video of youths kissing Iraqi election poster almost sparks tribal feud

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – After a video of a young man kissing a candidate’s campaign poster raised fears of a feud between two tribes in the town of Najaf, in southern Iraq, the chiefs tribals announced on Saturday that the dispute had been avoided with an apology. and a large cash settlement.

In the deal, the 20-year-old man’s al-Majatim tribe featured in the video agreed to pay IQD 100 million ($ 84,000) to the Bouzeib tribe, to which the candidate belongs.

“During a reconciliation session on Friday, an agreement was reached between the two tribes following the reckless behavior of a member of the Al-Majatim tribe towards the image of the candidate Hadba al-Hasnawi”, one reads in one. joint tribal press release. .

The video showing the young man kissing, stroking and talking suggestively from the poster was viewed by many social media users in Najaf, and was reportedly a threat to al-Hasnawi’s honor and, therefore, his whole tribe. also.

In addition to the agreement to pay the monetary settlement, a public apology by representatives of the al-Majatim tribe was also presented to members of both clans.

Iraqi parliamentary elections are due to take place on May 12. A total of 6,904 candidates representing several parties are competing to fill 329 parliamentary seats. The campaign for the national elections started in Iraq on Saturday and in the Kurdistan region on Sunday.

Several female candidates from several parties have been targeted by online smear campaigns, including the posting of derogatory videos and comments.

MP Antithar Al Shammari was excluded from the candidacy of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s party on Thursday after a sex video was released online in which she allegedly appeared.

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