US-based opinion poll names Andy Uba the winner

A United States-based political risk research and advisory firm Hallmark International Consulting Company has announced that Andy Uba will win the November 6, 2021 gubernatorial election in Anambra state.

The HICC said: “Senator Andy Uba, the All Progressives Congress candidate, could win a hotly contested election with a three to four percent chance of error in electing state governor. ‘Anambra’.

The foundation’s vice president for Africa and the Middle East, Hayes Rodney, said in a statement that the foundation’s interest in electing Governor of Anambra was non-partisan.

The HICC said the research and opinion poll was commissioned by a US-based Power to the People Foundation – a non-governmental organization that is concerned with the sustainability of democracy in Africa and the United States. world.

Although the HICC said it only interviewed six major candidates, including Godwin Maduka of Accord, Charles Soludo of All Progressive Grand Alliance, Valentine Ozigbo of the PDP, Obiora Okonkwo of the Zenith Labor Party and Senator Andy Uba of APC, the poll, he said, “Most reduced the race for governor to a competition between Soludo of the APGA and Senator Andy Uba of the APC.”

Meanwhile, campaigning organization Andy Uba condemned what it called the slanderous attacks on its candidate, in the APGA race.

A statement by the organization’s media director, Afam Ogene, read in part: “This time, using poorly scripted propaganda material, they claimed that a certain figure allegedly ‘confessed’ that distinguished Senator Andy Uba hired him to cause chaos in the state.

“The general public is advised to ignore this concocted tale which could only have emanated from the yellowish imagination of crass propagandists.

“Senator Uba, although he has devoted most of his adult life to the service of Ndi Anambra and Nigeria, is a widely acclaimed perfect gentleman who not only hates violence, but has never been associated anything of the sort.

“A quick glance at the concocted story shows that the story has no source and cannot be referenced by anyone. The parrot news attached at the end of the said article does not exist either on paper or on the internet.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Senator Uba and his APC insisted that the election of the governor of Anambra be held this Saturday, November 6, 2021.

“In fact, Ndi Anambra and Nigerians in general are aware of those who do not seem ready for the duel for governor, and therefore invoke all kinds of excuses, including playing games with security concerns, in order to to force a dead end.

“With the Independent National Electoral Commission and other political parties, including the APC and security agencies, ready for the elections, we advise Governor Obiano, Professor Soludo and the APGA to stand up and stand down. prepare for November 6, 2021 – and stop playing silly games. ”

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