Tracking Postal Ballots: Tallying Electoral Votes in the United States | American politics

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An unprecedented number of Americans have voted by mail this year to avoid the risk of Covid-19. Joe Biden supporters said they were more likely to vote by mail while supporters of Donald Trump said they were more likely to vote in person. With mail delays, rejected ballots and lack of funding, the process is not always smooth – ballots can be rejected for multiple reasons, and due to court challenges, electoral rules change even during the vote. Meanwhile, Trump and other Republican officials have spent the past few months questioning the postal voting process, paving the way for legal battles over the vote count.

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With data from political science professor Michael McDonald at the University of Florida, the Guardian and ProPublica track votes in politically competitive states throughout elections to find out how many people are voting by mail, how their votes are counted, and what. what that means for the 2020 election. Our tracker will be updated as we get updated information as well as other status data. We will also investigate any aberrations and issues in the postal voting process as we find them, and tell the stories of the people and communities most affected.


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Democrats believe Joe Biden might be able to win a state long seen as a Republican stronghold, which would be a coup for the campaign. More people have already returned their ballots than voted by mail altogether in 2016. The state has thousands of outstanding ballots to count, and liberal cities like Atlanta should lean more in Biden’s favor. Voters must return their ballots to polling stations before polling day to have them counted.