Timmonsville City Council Election Votes May Be Recounted | Local news

TIMMONSVILLE, SC – Timmonsville City Council elections may be heading for a recount.

The unofficial results of the election of three city council members indicate that incumbents Penny Hayes and Curtis Harrison received 153, or 25.71%, and 149 votes, or 25.04%, to be re-elected. Newcomer Wayne Teal received 145 votes, or 24.37%, to defeat fellow newcomer Demario Pegues, who received 141 votes, or 23.7%.

South Carolina election law requires the local electoral board to order a recount when the difference between being elected and not being elected is 1% or less, unless the losing party signs a written agreement waiving the right to a recount.

The difference between Teel and Pegues is 4 voices. Including seven written votes, the total number of votes cast in the race is 595 votes. So the difference between Teal and Pegues is 0.67%, which is less than 1%, so the Florence County Electoral Council could be required to order a recount.

In the race to replace Darrick Jackson for mayor, Pro Tempore Mayor William “Bug” James Jr. won 216 votes, or 75.26%, to defeat Butch Hodges, who received 69 votes, or 24.04%. There were also two written votes in the mayoral election.

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