This Biglaw firm is doing an about-face stronger than IHOP to support the right to choose

Lawyers, debaters, and most DBZ fans have one thing in common: they are known to like to chat. And one thing that argumentative people are good at is switching sides. The problem arises when the abstract concepts you are advocating have practical consequences…like pretending to be for abortion rights while funding politicians who aim to ban them.

Texas’ largest law firm Vinson & Elkins pledges to cover employee travel costs for reproductive health care after contributing to two Republican governors’ campaigns pushing for tough restrictions on abortion .

The Houston-based company’s political action committee has given Texas Governor Greg Abbott $65,000 over the past two years, according to state filings. The company’s PAC donated directly to Abbott’s campaign and PACs associated with the governor, who faces an increasingly tight re-election race in November.

…a new state law signed by Abbott has largely banned abortions and targets those who help residents access medical services.

The company also paid $20,000 to Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin as part of his successful 2021 bid for governor. Youngkin said he wants to pass a law banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

It is understandable to be confused as to why a company which presents itself as one of the best companies for women would actively fund a candidate trying to usher in a 50-year civil rights reversal.

That said, what can you do – many high-level people are put in strange positions when it comes to doing what’s right or doing what the money demands. Maybe they can get advice from Joe Biden. It can be notoriously difficult for lawyers to get advice from non-lawyers; the Syracuse graduate may be uniquely positioned to give the company the guidance it needs. He has also come under fire for planning to appoint an anti-choice judge just before roe deer was knocked downso he probably has some good advice for them on how to handle the PR blowback.

My advice remains the same. Drink your water. Eat your vegetables. Don’t rely on corporations to guarantee your civil rights. And please email us at if you find out your company is planning to drive you to the abortion clinic right after the pro-life protesters are done harassing your healthcare provider.

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