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Adams County voters in the May primary election will find multiple races at the federal, state and local levels from which to choose candidates.

In Congressional District 3, incumbent U.S. Rep. Adrian Smith, R-Neb., of Gering, faces a challenge from fellow Republican Mike Calhoun of Bellevue. (Members of the House of Representatives are not required to reside in the district they seek to represent.)

On the Democratic ticket, David J. Else of Overton and Daniel M. Wik of Norfolk are looking for a chance to fight Smith or Calhoun in the general election.

Mark Elworth Jr., of Omaha, seeks the position on the Legal Marijuana NOW ticket.

In the Republican gubernatorial race, voters can choose from a field of nine candidates that includes Michael Connely of York, Brett Lindstrom of Omaha, Donna Nicole Carpenter of Lincoln, Lela McNinch of Lincoln, Theresa Thibodeau of Omaha, Jim Pillen of Columbus, Troy Wentz of Sterling, Charles W. Herbster of Falls City and Breland Ridenour of Elkhorn.

The Democrats in the race are Carol Blood of Bellevue and Roy Harris of Linwood. Scott Zimmerman of Omaha carries the Libertarian banner.

The winner in November will succeed Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts, who is barred by term limits from running for a third consecutive term.

In the Republican race for Secretary of State, incumbent Bob Evnen of Lincoln faces a challenge from Rex Schroder of Palmyra and Robert J. Borer of Lincoln. No one else has applied for the position, so the main result will probably be decisive for the next four-year term.

In the race for state treasurer, incumbent John Murante of Omaha is challenged by Paul Anderson of Omaha in the Republican primary. Upland resident Katrina Tomsen is unopposed on the Libertarian ticket.

Jennifer Hicks of Peru and Mike Hilgers of Lincoln are running on the Republican ticket for state attorney general. Alliance’s Larry Bolinger runs on the Legal Marijuana NOW ticket. Incumbent Republican Doug Peterson not seeking re-election

In the race for public accounts auditors, Mike Foley and Larry Anderson, both of Lincoln, are running as Republicans. Gene Sladek of Omaha is the Libertarian nominee, and L. Leroy Lopez of Cortland is seeking a position on the Legal Marijuana NOW ticket.

Foley is a former state auditor and the current lieutenant governor. Incumbent Charlie Janssen did not seek re-election.

In District 4’s race to become a member of the Nebraska Public Service Commission, longtime Commissioner Rod Johnson of Sutton is challenged by Geneva Mayor Eric Kamler in the Republican primary. No one else shows up for the seat.

At the county level, several officials are running for re-election unopposed, so their names will not appear on the primary ballot and will go directly to the general election. They include District 7 County Commissioner Joe Patterson, County Assessor Jackie Russell, County Attorney Donna Fegler Daiss, County Clerk Ramona Thomas, District Court Clerk Amanda Bauer, County Surveyor Joshua Grummert and County Treasurer Melanie Curry. Grummert is a Democrat, and everyone else is Republican.

Deeds registry holder Rachel Ormsby, a Democrat, is being challenged by Republican Byron Morrow. Both will qualify for the general election in November, so their names will not appear on the primary ballot either.

Incumbent Sheriff John Rust is challenged by Brian Hessler in the Republican primary. No one else is running for the job, so the winner will likely qualify for the general election unopposed.

In the nonpartisan race for the District 6 State Board of Education, Sherry Jones and Danielle Helzer, both of Grand Island, are running for the seat currently held by Maureen Nickels of Chapman. Nickels did not seek re-election. Jones and Helzer will qualify for the general election, but their names will also appear on the May ballot.

Incumbent Paul Kenney of Kearney and challenger Julie Hehnke of Grand Island are seeking the District 6 seat on the University of Nebraska Board of Trustees. Their names will appear on the May ballot, but both will move forward.

Harvard’s Diane Keller is running unopposed for re-election to the Central Community College Board of Governors. His name will not appear on the ballot.

In the Upper Big Blue Natural Resource District, primary election voters will field two candidates each in a three-way race for a Subdistrict 7 seat and a five-way race for a at-large seat.

In Sub-District 7, incumbent Ronda Rich of York is challenged by Wayne Nestor of Stromsburg and Anthony Bohaty of York Rural.

Candidates for the universal seat include Becky Roesler and Eugene Ulmer – both from Geneva and both former Sub-District 4 representatives – as well as Aurora’s Jacob Ericksen, Hampton’s Curtiss Farrall and David City’s Teresa Otte. The seat is currently held by Linda Luebbe of Beaver Crossing, who is not seeking re-election.

All candidates for seats on the Little Blue Natural Resources District Board of Directors will advance directly to the general election, as no more than two candidates are running for a seat.

In the Dawson Public Power District, incumbent David Dwiggins of Gibbon and challenger Mary Wroblewski of Ravenna are running for a six-year term representing the Buffalo subdivision on the board. They will advance to November and their names will not appear in May.

Campbell’s incumbent Arlon Jacobitz is unopposed in a bid for a Subdivision 3 seat on the Southern Nebraska Public Food District Board of Directors. His name will also not appear in May.

In the city of Hastings, incumbent Councilman Matt Fong and challenger Roger Harper will pass November in the race for a seat in Ward 4. Their names will not appear in May. But races for the other three wards will appear on the primary ballot to winnow each field to two general election candidates.

In Ward 1, incumbent Ginny Skutnik is seeking re-election and is challenged by Steve Huntley and Aaron Martinez. In Ward 2, Jacque Cranson, Brad Consbruck, James C. Gleason, Trent Meyer and Doug Thompson are vying for a seat now held by Ted Schroeder, who did not seek re-election. In Ward 3, incumbent Chuck Rosenberg is challenged by Russ Hall and Marc Rowan.

In the Adams Central School District, David Johnson, Greg Mucklow, Tim O’Dey and Derek Uhrmacher will all qualify for the November election for school board seats.

The race for the Hastings Board of Education is a different story, however, with 12 candidates seeking four open seats and the field being winnowed at eight (twice the number of seats available) in the primary. The contestants are Valerie Bower, Shay Burk, Michelle Fullerton, David Hughes, Andrew McCarty, Mark Montague, Brady Rhodes, Monti Starkey, Becky Sullivan, Stacie Widhelm and Elizabeth Wilson.

No other school board races for districts with land in Adams County will appear on the May ballot because the number of candidates is no more than twice the number of open seats.

The candidates advancing directly in November are:

Kenesaw (three places available): Tonya Hansen, Katheryn Schneider, Troy Legg, Nathan Haahr, Brett Kleier

Silver Lake (four seats available): Alan Bonifas, Leon Lutkemeier, Dennis Timm, Brian Karr, Eric Parr

Blue Hill (three places available): Jodi Bunner, Marisa L’Heureux, Megan Ockinga, Jacob Bachman

Doniphan-Trumbull (three places available): Stephanie Roach, John Schultz, Amanda Groff

Lawrence-Nelson (four seats available): Colby Fox, David Ochsner, Alicia Kucera, David Theer, Ryan Schroer, Cole Epley, Taylor Lynch

Minden (three spots available): Justin Glanzer, Rusty Rhynalds, Kevin Raun

Sandy Creek (three spots available): Dustin Schoneberg, Brian Shaw, Chadwick Dane, Laurie Kohmetscher, Sara Hemberger

Shelton (three spots available): Levi Rogers, Lisa Stewart, Emmy Power, Dana Tompkin

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