The poll prepares for the August 4 election in Montgomery County

Now that the Montgomery County primary is history, local candidates and voters can start focusing on the second election of 2022, which is the state primary and county general election.

Scheduled for August 4 – meaning a hot summer of campaigning ahead – this election will determine the eventual winners in many county and local court races.

This will also be an opportunity for political parties to nominate candidates in state races, and those winners will advance to the Nov. 8 state general election and the city of Clarksville.

Ivy Prall, a longtime Electoral Commission volunteer, directs traffic through the voting booths.

Montgomery County Elections Administrator Elizabeth Black and her staff will get some breathing room before July, when early voting for the Aug. 4 election begins.

Black said early voting will run July 15-30 and there will be a new wrinkle this year.

In addition to holding early voting at the Election Commission offices at 350 Pageant Lane at Veterans Plaza, there will also be a second experimental location this summer, at the Clarksville-Montgomery County Regional Airport at Outlaw Field, near Tiny Town Road.

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The county and judicial candidates who won their respective political party’s nominations on Tuesday now move on to the final decision day of Aug. 4, and in some cases Republicans and Democrats, as well as independents, will face off. in these local races.

But in many cases, local candidates will be unopposed on August 4.

In the state primary, voters in far northeast Montgomery County around South Guthrie will see the addition of State Senate District 23 to represent them, while most of the county will still be represented in the 22nd Senate District.

In the State House, the county is divided into three districts, 67, 68, and now 75.

All changes in state legislative representation are the result of statewide census-based redistricting.

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August 4 election

Here, courtesy of the Montgomery County Election Commission, is how the Aug. 4 ballot unfolded, specifying the qualified candidates and their respective affiliations of Republican (R), Democrat (D) or Independent (I).

Primary state

Tennessee State Senate District 23

Kerry Roberts (R)

Tennessee District 67 House of Representatives (R)

John W. Dawson (R)

Tommy J. Vallejos, Sr. (R)

Tennessee District 67 House of Representatives (D)

Ronnie L. Glynn (D)

Tennessee District 68 House of Representatives (R)

Curtis Johnson (R)

(Monica Meeks, an independent candidate in District 68, will only appear on the ballot for the state’s Nov. 8 general election.)

Tennessee District 75 House of Representatives (R)

Jeff Burkhart (R)

Kent Griffy (R)

Deanna McLaughlin (right)

District 22 (R) State Executive Committee Member

Doug Englen (R)

Patricia (Pat) Allen (R)

District 22 (D) State Executive Committee Member

Charles Uffelman (D)

Karen D. Sorenson (D)

District 23 (R) State Executive Committee Member

Larry Hillis (R)

Mary Ann Parks (R)

County General OUNTY GENERAL

Montgomery County Mayor

Wes Golden (R)

Jo Ellen “Jodi” O’Connor (me)


John S. Fuson (R)

Mike Olivier (A)

county trustee

Kimberly B. Wiggins (A)

Circuit Court Judge Part I

Adrienne G. Fry (R)

Circuit Court Judge Part II

Bill Goodman (I)

Circuit Court Judge Part III

Joel Wallace (R)

Kimberly Turner (I)

Circuit Court Judge Part IV

Robert T. Bateman (R)

Circuit Court Judge Part V

Katy Olita (R)


Ben Dean (R)

Laurence M. McMillan, Jr. (I)

District Attorney

Robert Nash (R)

District Public Defender

Roger Nell (R)

Division I Juvenile Court General Sessions and Judge

Ken Goble, Jr. (R)

General Sessions and Division II Juvenile Court Judge

Reid Poland (R)

Merriel Bullock-Neal (D)

James Bagby (I)

General Sessions and Division III Juvenile Court Judge

Sharon Massey-Grimes (right)

General Sessions and Division IV Juvenile Court Judge

Tim Barnes (me)

County Clerk

Teresa Cottrell (R)

Circuit Court Clerk

Wendy Davis (right)

Faye Rennell Hobson (A)

Register of deeds

Julie Chadwick Runyon (R)

District 1 County Commission

John M. Gannon (R)

District 2 County Commission

Jason D. Knight (D)

John (JM) Genis (I)

Charles D. Keene (I)

Dennis J. Potvin (I)

District 3 County Commission

Joe Smith (R)

District 4 County Commission

Climb “Big Sarge” Lopez (R)

Rickey Ray (I)

District 5 County Commission

Rashidah A. Leverett (D)

Lori J. Mason (I)

District 6 County Commission

Michael Lankford (R)

Randy Albert (I)

District 7 County Commission

Nathan Burkholder (R)

Tony Eldridge (me)

Rocky Sikel (I)

District 8 County Commission

Tangi C. Smith (D)

District 9 County Commission

Jorge Padro (R)

District 10 County Commission

Jeremy Walker (D)

District 11 County Commission

Christine S. McKinney (D)

Joe L. Creek (A)

District 12 County Commission

Carmel Chandler (D)

Joey Dasinger (I)

District 13 County Commission

Walker Woodruff (D)

District 14 County Commission

Billy Burgett (D)

Joshua Beal (I)

District 15 County Commission

David L. Harper (R)

District 16 County Commission

Joshua Wikholm (R)

Lisa Prichard (D)

District 17 County Commission

Sam Houston (R)

Chris Rasnic (D)

District 18 County Commission

Kyong Suk Dawson (D)

Ryan Gallant (D)

District 19 County Commission

William “Billy” Frye (I)

Garland V. Johnson (A)

District 20 County Commission

Autumn Simmons (R)

Michael Walker (I)

District 21 County Commission

Jerry Albert (I)

David Wayne Shelton (I)

District 1 School Board

John Crespo (R)

Carol A. Berry (D)

District 3 School Board

Janet M. Peterson (R)

Herbert A. Nelson (D)

Ambar Marquis (I)

District 5 School Board

Brad Morrow (R)

Jimmie M. Garland (D)

District 7 School Board

Aron Maberry (R)

Poll Source: Montgomery County Election Commission

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