The PDOIS-led coalition will run for the legislative elections –

By Mama A. Touray

The coalition of the People’s Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism, the Party of All Peoples and Alhagi Mamadi Kurang Youth for Change will participate in the next parliamentary elections in 2022.

Speaking at a press conference at the PDOIS Bureau on Monday, Hon. HalifaSallah, PDOIS leader, said: Assembly elections.

“We, the undersigned representatives, having taken into account Article 96 of the Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia which states: There shall be a general election of all members of the National Assembly to be held four months after the date of the election of the office of the president, ”he added.

According to him, taking note of article 88 of the constitution which provides for 53 elected members of the National Assembly from constituencies and five members appointed by the president.

“Be fully aware of the values ​​expressed in article 112 of the constitution according to which” all members should regard themselves as servants of the Gambian people, refrain from any conduct by which they seek unduly to enrich themselves or themselves. alienate from the people, and must perform their duties and functions in the interest of the nation as a whole and, in doing so, will be influenced by the imperatives of conscience and national interest, ”he said declared.

He added that the PDOIS has four seats in the National Assembly, which has been a symbol of consistency and sincerity in the defense of the national interest without regard to any partisan considerations. Maintaining these seats, he said, is reasonable and justifiable and requires the support of all partners, adding that the decision of the National Assembly on an ordinary motion depends on the simple majority of votes cast when the Assembly is in session.

Therefore, “the three parts; PDOIS, APP, Alagi Mamadi Kurang Youth for Change agreed to support each other by relying on their own competition and engage in constructive conversation to resolve any disputes in case of duplication of applicants. The agreement further contains the appointment of five mediators, two of whom should be men and women under the age of 35 and a person with unique physical characteristics to review the merit of the candidates and the mediation team’s decision on the candidacy will be final and would be approved by all parties and candidates in good faith, ”he noted.

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