The incumbents are re-elected to the Eau Claire school board and to the municipal council

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) — Incumbents in Tuesday’s spring general election largely retained office in the races for office largely based in the town of Eau Claire.

In the school board election for the Eau Claire Area School District, President Tim Nordin and incumbent Marquell Johnson were each re-elected to the board, with Nordin winning the most votes of any school board nominee in the race. Stephanie Farrar was also elected to the ECASD school board.

Nordin received death threats in March. ECASD, like many school districts, has seen its school board meetings become contentious in light of COVID-19 policies and inclusion efforts. Nordin issued a statement at the time that “our schools are too important to give in to fear” and told families that “your vote matters in this election.”

On the Eau Claire City Council, five people were elected, including incumbents Kate Beaton, who received the most votes out of the eight candidates, and Roderick Jones. Ahead of the election last week, most of the candidates hosted a forum at UW-Eau Claire, discussing topics like affordable housing, homelessness and their ideas on how to improve the city. The five elected representatives of the wider city council include Beaton, Jones, Larry Mboga, Joshua Miller and Charlie Johnson.

Most seats on the Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors were also contested. Incumbents Joe Knight, Nancy Coffey, Nathan Otto, Judy Gatlin, Speaker Nick Smiar, James Dunning, Gerald “Jerry” Wilke, Robin Leary, Heather DeLuka and Missy Christopherson were all re-elected, while Nathan Anderson, Donald Mowry, Kevin Stelljes and Carl Anton lost their re-election bids. Newcomers to the Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors in hotly contested races include Todd Meyer, Amanda Babb, Larry Hoekstra, Cory Sisk, Allen Myren, Brett Geboy, David Hirsch, Thomas Vue, John Folstad, Jodi Lepsch and Kyle Johnson . Kimberly Cronk, Tami Schraufnagel, Katherine Schneider, Mark Beckfield, Connie Russell, Steve Chilson, Dane Zook and Stella Pagonis all showed up unopposed.

The drinking water referendum passed easily, with nearly 79% of voters choosing “yes”.

Turnout for the election was 22.2% of eligible voters and 30.8% of registered voters in Eau Claire County.

Complete unofficial spring general election results for Eau Claire County are available at the Eau Claire County Clerk’s website. You can learn more about the elections in Wisconsin by visiting the Wisconsin Election Commission website. If you’re looking for sample ballots, voter registration information, or wondering where to vote, you can visit the MyVote Wisconsin website.

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