Temporary appointment of Prince George council complicates race – NBC4 Washington

Amid a competitive race for a seat on Prince George’s County Council, the council member there resigned and paved the way for a temporary appointment. But some candidates say they would rather run their race than be nominated for the seat.

Derrick L. Davis resigned from the District 6 seat a few months before the primary. Now the Council is about to name his interim successor.

The Council will publicly interview candidates who submitted their names for the seat on Tuesday.

Nine people, including two candidates vying for the position, applied to be appointed to the District 6 headquarters. According to a council spokesperson, each candidate will have 5 minutes to present their case for review. The public can watch the process but cannot participate.

Five candidates have been in the running since last year. If someone is nominated, that person will start the race.

Two candidates said they did not want to tip the scales. Barbara Holt Streeter was the first to release a statement saying she would not be submitting her name.

“I was getting a lot of emails, calls from the community saying they really wanted applicants to complete the process and that’s what I wanted to do,” said Holt Streeter, a District 6 candidate.

Candidate Wala Blegay also released a statement saying a non-candidate should be nominated.

“Nominating a candidate three months before the election really tips the scales towards one person and would have a negative influence,” Blegay said.

Both women said they heard from residents who thought an appointment would be a fraud in the process. Three council members released statements saying they would not vote to nominate an active candidate.

“I don’t want to do anything that feels like we’re trying to tip the scales one way or the other,” District 5 council member Jolene Ivey said.

Council member Mel Franklin disagreed and said he would consider nominating a candidate.

“I think the people of District 6 are very educated, very knowledgeable,” Franklin said. “I don’t believe they’re going to make a different decision because someone was nominated a few months before the election.”

Davis ended a beleaguered term as many residents complained about the decisions and votes he took to office. Some political insiders believe he resigned in hopes that his preferred candidate would be nominated.

“I’ve heard the chatter myself that this was orchestrated and I’ll tell you, I don’t know, but at this point I think any effort to put a candidate in office would really backfire on the candidate. “, said Blegay. .

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