Swartbooi interviews candidates for the Swakop by-election

Bernadus Swartbooi, leader of the Landless Peoples Movement (LPM), has questioned the abilities of the candidates vying for the Swakopmund constituency seat in the city’s upcoming by-elections.

This happened at his party’s candidate announcement rally in Swakopmund on Saturday.

“We looked at the candidates. We should cry tears if you see how irresponsible some parties have been in fielding candidates who can’t do anything for Swakopmund.

“It’s ugly. Some people were just taken and put on the ballot,” he said.

Swartbooi also attacked the fishing, mining and tourism industries, which he accused of not helping to improve the lives of people in the Erongo region.

“You look at Karibib where there is a mine. This town does not look like a town with a mine. You look at Husab and others. Where is the money going?” He asked.

LPM by-election candidate Hilaria Musheko made no promises in her first campaign on Saturday.

She said promises have been made for 32 years with no results.

“I won’t do it to you today either. All I can say is that at LPM, we have solutions to your problems.

“The LPM is the only party with solutions,” she said.

Musheko called on the electorate to vote responsibly, and especially for her who is aware of Swakopmund’s shortcomings.

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