State House candidates in the Poconos

Pennsylvania’s primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17.

MONROE COUNTY, Pennsylvania — The Pennsylvania House of Representatives The 189th District seat, which includes parts of Monroe and Pike counties, is up for grabs.

Three candidates are in the primary ballot.

Restaurateurs John Petrizzo and Steve Ertle clash on the Republican side.

Petrizzo is a longtime Monroe County resident and former Middle Smithfield Township official. If elected, he hopes to work on the needs that people have faced for years.

“Road improvements come way too late, and all of that translates to the longest drive in the country from Lehman Township, the longest drive in Pennsylvania from Middle Smithfield to sustainable employment, and in East Stroudsburg the average income has dropped by 18.5 If we take care of the infrastructure, if we take care of our property taxes, we can end up with more disposable income because of the quality of life in the 189th Legislative District,” Petrizzo said.

Steve Ertle is the other Republican on the ballot. Ertle has worked to help businesses and restaurants during COVID-19. If elected to the State House, he wants to focus on making the Poconos self-sufficient.

“Forget politics, because the issues we need to address are all bipartisan issues. We need things like broadband infrastructure so that our kids, when they come home from school with their Chromebooks, can get a signal We need companies that have moved here and are at home so we can upload their projects We need fair funding We need a loud voice that gets the money we deserve because that for so long we’ve been Pennslyvania’s welcome mat, but we’ve been treated like the doormat, and that needs to stop… Affordable housing, not just affordable housing but affordable housing for the workforce work, is going to be a big issue that we need to address, so with 35 years of experience, I’m looking for solutions,” Ertle said.

Whoever wins the GOP primary will run against Tarah Probst in November. The Democrat is unopposed in the primary.

Probst is Stroudsburg’s first female mayor, entering politics after fighting to improve education. It’s something she plans to prioritize if she gets to Harrisburg.

“We need to make sure that we are fairly funded, and by doing that, we hope that students, teachers, families and that should lower our school taxes in Monroe County. Second, I want to talk about health care. This is very important. We need affordable health care and prescription drugs. Families shouldn’t have to choose between giving their children medicine or food on the table. Our infrastructure here is the pit, and we have the money coming in. We have to make sure it’s well spent and make sure our roads and bridges are built properly… Civil liberties, equal rights, of course everyone should have access to the ballot and diversity, which equates to a large community,” Probst said.

The winner in November will replace Republican Rosemary Brown, who retired from the State House and later announced her candidacy for the state Senate.

Pennsylvania’s primary election is Tuesday, May 17.

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