South Carolina House has its most contested primaries since 2014 – Ballotpedia News

The number of contested primaries in the South Carolina House of Representatives has risen to 48 this year, the most since 2014. With 124 House districts holding elections, that’s 19% of the 248 possible primaries in the chamber.

Of those 44 contested primaries, 12 include Democrats and 36 include Republicans. For Democrats, that’s down from 17 in 2020, a drop of 29%. For Republicans, the number was up 50% from 24 in the previous cycle.

Ten of the disputed primaries are in open districts where no incumbents have shown up to run. The remaining 34 contested primaries include incumbents: 11 Democrats and 23 Republicans. That equates to 30.6% of incumbents seeking re-election, the highest percentage since 2018 in the chamber.

The deadline for submitting applications for the State House in South Carolina this year was March 30. Candidates filed for all 124 House districts in the state. The 46 Senate constituencies are not up for election this year. Senators serve four-year terms and are eligible for re-election during presidential election cycles.

A total of 243 candidates from major parties filed: 85 Democrats and 158 Republicans.

South Carolina has been a Republican trio since the party took control of the governorship in 2002. Republicans currently hold an 80-43 majority in the House and a 30-16 majority in the Senate.

The South Carolina primaries are scheduled for June 14.

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