Snafu Election Board Reveals Dante de Blasio’s Municipal Elections Votes

No one is supposed to know who Dante de Blasio, or anyone else, ranked No.1 on their mayoral primary ballots – unless they announce it – but thanks to the awkward election board, this information has now been made public.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s son was one of nearly 400 New Yorkers whose votes in the June Democratic primary were leaked in publicly available data because he was the only person to vote in the constituency which includes Gracie Mansion, according to a recently released report. .

Dante ranked Maya Wiley number one, followed by Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia, Ray McGuire, and Shaun Donovan, the researchers discovered due to the Election Council’s privacy failures.

Researchers at Princeton University and the Stevens Institute of Technology documented 378 cases in which only one person in a constituency voted in the mayor’s primary on June 22, which means Election Council data showed precisely who an individual voter had ranked on his ballot.

“In the electoral rolls, we found that in 378 of these constituencies, exactly one person was reported to have voted. In these cases, we can match the person with the vote cast, thereby re-identifying their secret ballot, ”read a summary of the report released on Monday, titled“ Privacy Concerns in New York City Elections ”.

Dante ranked Maya Wiley number one, followed by Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia, Ray McGuire and Shaun Donovan.
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In it, authors Jesse T. Clark, Lindsey Cormack, and Sam Wang identified only one voter in the compound that covers Gracie Mansion, where the mayor lives with his wife, Chirlane McCray, and their son. De Blasio’s son Dante, known for a TV commercial that changed the election in the 2013 Democratic mayor’s primary, is a registered Democrat there.

Dante was “appalled” by the violation of the right to a secret ballot.

“I am appalled by this violation of my privacy,” Dante de Blasio said in a statement provided by a spokesperson for the mayor to the New York Times. “My main concern is not that people know who I voted for, but rather that the BOE has repeatedly shown utter incompetence and still has not been reformed by the state.”

“Hundreds of my fellow voters have seen their right to a private vote violated by the gross negligence of the BOE,” he added. “Enough is enough.”

Election Council employees arrive at the Confucius Plaza polling station during the New York Mayor's Primary Election in New York, USA
The botched publication of the results of the mayor’s primary vote was only the BOE’s most recent mistake.
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In response to their findings, the report’s authors recommend that the beleaguered patronage-laden BOE in future elections combine voting information from low-turnout constituencies into publicly disclosed data to prevent publication of New Yorkers’ votes. .

“We hope that by raising this issue, we can better protect the privacy of voters in New York City in a way that preserves important access to election data. These two interests – voter privacy and data transparency – must not conflict, ”the authors write. “By allowing the re-aggregation of small ridings, no principle should be sacrificed. “

A spokesperson for the BOE whose data is disputed said: “The way in which election results are communicated is legally mandated,” according to Gothamist.

The latest snafu comes after the mayoral election was plunged into a state of confusion when Adams, the president of the Brooklyn borough, noted that the preliminary results released showed that 941,832 votes had been cast for the nomination. the Democratic town hall – against 799,827 ballots counted on the day of the primary.

voting site signs
Researchers at Princeton University and the Stevens Institute of Technology have documented 378 cases in which a single person in an enclosure voted for the mayor’s primary on June 22.
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The troubled BOE subsequently issued a statement citing an “irregularity” and removed the vote count posted on its website. The electoral council explained that the discrepancy was caused by the erroneous inclusion of approximately 130,000 “test” results in the vote count.

The botched publication of the results of the mayor’s primary vote was just the most recent in several years of the BOE’s hiccups.

The board has admitted violating election laws by removing 200,000 voters from its lists ahead of the 2016 presidential primary. Additionally, 20 percent of election officials failed to show up for work on election day this year – the.

In November 2018, election day humidity rendered its new $ 56 million scanners unusable.

And in the 2020 presidential primaries, the board disqualified 80,000 ballots because officials were not prepared to handle the increase in postal votes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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