San Angelo SMD-5 voters elect new City Council representative Saturday

SAN ANGELO — Voters in San Angelo who live in Single-Member District 5 head to the polls today to elect a representative to complete the term vacated by Lane Carter when he decided to run for County Judge in Tom Green.

Polling stations are open until 7 p.m. Saturday in three locations:

  • Angelo Bible Church, 3506 Sherwood Way, Hall
  • Concho Valley MHMR Services, Admin. Ed., 1501 W. Beauregard, Jack Ray Room
  • St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church, 2506 Johnson Avenue, Fellowship Hall

The candidates running for the unexpired term are John Austin Stokes, Karen Hesse-Smith, Lynette Lucas and Dr. Bryan Angle.

Stokes recently stopped by San Angelo LIVE for an on-camera interview. You can see this interview here.

Hesse-Smith also participated in an interview with San Angelo LIVE. Check it here.

Single-Member District 5 includes the College Hills area in downtown San Angelo as well as the Santa Rita Historic District and Angelo State University.

San Angelo City Council members serve 4-year terms. They are paid $3,600 a year for their service. The San Angelo City Council meets two Tuesdays per month and the governing body oversees all aspects of city government. There are six single-member districts, so there are six city council representatives and the mayor who make up the city council.

The terms of San Angelo City Council members are limited. No one can serve more than eight consecutive years according to the city charter. “No person may hold office as mayor or member of council for more than eight consecutive years, excluding service for any partial term.

Here’s why the city is holding an election now to fill the unexpired term:

“In the event of a vacancy in an elective office, except for a vacancy created by reason of the conditions contained in Section 13, the vacancy is filled by a unanimous vote of the remaining members of the mayor and/or the municipal council for the remaining term. In the event that a unanimous vote cannot be obtained within 30 days of the date of the vacancy, the vacancy shall be filled by special election for the remainder of the unexpired term in the same manner as provided in this charter for regular election. such offices. Such election must be held on the first uniform election date under state law, no earlier than 30 days after ordering the election; provided, however, that where a vacancy occurs within 90 days of the normal expiration date of the office, no special election to fill the vacancy shall be called unless more than two vacancies occur. states the city charter.

This special election is held in the middle of the regular statewide midterm primary election. This means that candidates running in the primary for statutory county offices like county judge and county commissioner are still campaigning. The regular midterm election will take place on March 1, 2022, and early voting will begin on February 14.

It is possible that the election of the municipal council leads to a second round. This would occur if no candidate received more than 50% of the votes cast in the special election.

If a special election were held, it would be required by state law after the March 1 primary election.

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