Racist vandalism targets federal election poster of Indigenous Greens candidate ‘Moogy’ Sumner

A Green Indigenous candidate for the Senate targeted by hate speech scrawled on one of his campaign posters says racism is “everywhere,” and compared it to the common cold.

A poster of the South Australian candidate, Major “Moogy” Sumner – an elder from Ngarrindjeri – on a fence in Port Adelaide has been defaced with the words “Kill All Ab * s”.

Mr Sumner received a photo of the vandalized corflute by text yesterday, and the image has also appeared on social media.

A friend of his then found the disfigured poster near a high school in Port Adelaide and used rubbing alcohol to wipe off the graffiti.

Mr Sumner expressed concern about the current prevalence of bigotry.

“Anyone who has a comment like that and has a little racist note they want to send me, come meet me. Come say hello and I always say come live on my side of the fence for a while.”

Mr Sumner said earlier that it was “disappointing to see this arise”, it would not prevent him from “standing up for what we believe in”.

He was named a Member of the Order of Australia in 2014 for his contribution to the Indigenous community.

He worked to obtain the repatriation of the aboriginal ancestral remains, including 1,200 of his ancestors, which were kept in the collection of the South Australian Museum.

Greens condemn “despicable racism”

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who previously campaigned with Sumner when he ran for Mayo ahead of last year’s by-elections, condemned the attack on the “beloved and respected” elder .

“This racism is not acceptable. We need the first Australians in our Parliament and they must be able to participate without these kinds of attacks,” she said.

“I am so proud to have such a distinguished Aboriginal Elder standing by my side in this election campaign.

The eldest of the Ngarrindjeri, Major Sumner.(

ABC News: Isadora Bogle


The Greens issued a statement condemning the “vile racism” behind the vandalism.

ABC spoke to locals who said the incident did not reflect the views of the majority of South Australians.

Mr. Sumner formed the Tal-Kin-Jeri dance group and is well known as a performer and cultural ambassador.

He has already expressed his commitment to environmental issues.

“It’s the only Earth we have, even though people are trying to get to Mars. It’s the one we should take care of,” he said.

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