Prime Minister Scott Morrison slammed for building site safety failure | Video

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been caught up in yet another election failure, with countless Australians snapping his risky latest act.

Scott Morrison has gone viral on social media for all the wrong reasons after yet another construction site failure.

Last month, the prime minister visited an election campaign site and decided to test some equipment after getting permission to use a miter saw.

But a video of the stunt has since racked up nearly 3 million views on TikTok, after Mr Morrison was filmed performing the potentially dangerous task without basic safety precautions.

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In the clip, he can clearly be seen pulling out the jigsaw and cutting through a piece of wood – all while wearing a suit and a pair of goggles.

But traders and everyday Australians have stressed he should have worn special safety items such as a face mask, eye and hearing protection and regulation clothing.

The video sparked thousands of comments, with many Australians criticizing the “dangerous” and “risky” decision.

“I thought some finger tips would come off,” said one TikTok user, another adding that they were “surprised he didn’t cut his finger.”

“It actually terrifies me to see him do this stuff,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, others took the opportunity to dig in on the Prime Minister, with some calling it “another photo opportunity” while others joked he was “trying out for his next job after the elections.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Mr Morrison has made an awkward misstep on a building site.

During a visit to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory earlier this year, the Prime Minister tried his hand at welding – but was filmed lifting his face shield as sparks flew inches from his face.

The clip went viral with Labor using it as a pitch for votes, saying ‘this is what happens when you take money from TAFE’.

In February, he hit back at criticism of his soldering, telling 2GB it was “not my day job”.

“If people want to talk to me about it, they can…I have a lot to learn if I wanted to do this work,” he told the station.

“I just think our apprentices and the small businesses that try them out are fantastic.

“And if all the narcissists in the bubble want to attack me, well, they can – but what I’m doing is showcasing the great work of our apprentices and small businesses.”

And earlier today, another health and safety controversy hit the father-of-two, after a seemingly innocent photo of his Sunday night curry dinner horrified voters.

Mr Morrison took a break from his campaign to enjoy a Sunday evening meal with his family, sharing a photo of his chicken korma and a dish of Sri Lankan eggplant on Facebook.

But within moments, social media users pointed out that the chicken looked “still raw”, with many saying it was lucky to have avoided a hospital visit.

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