Piers Morgan slams ‘appalling’ Trump for demanding that electoral votes stop being counted

Piers Morgan called Donald Trump “appalling” after the president falsely proclaimed victory and suggested asking the Supreme Court to stop all vote counting.

Trump’s comments come after his Democratic rival Joe Biden told his supporters he was “on track” to become the new president.

“Millions of people voted for us tonight,” Trump said from the White House. “A very sad group of people are trying to strip this group of their voting rights – frankly, we won this election. “

He continued, “We want the law to be used appropriately, so we are going to go to the United States Supreme Court. We want all votes to stop. We don’t want them to find ballots at four in the morning and put them on the list.

The president has been heavily criticized for his comments.

Morgan, who once backed Trump, called the president’s “demand” to deny “millions of Americans” their votes “an unprecedented attack on American democracy.”

He added: “It is an absolute disgrace.”

Frozen Star Josh Gad shared Morgan’s post, writing, “It’s his allies saying this. Think about it.

Trump and Biden both won key states in what has become a tighter election race than the polls suggested.

However, Biden is expected to strongly secure more states once the postal votes are counted.

Legal and political analysts have said Trump may not have the legal basis to stop all vote counting given that he questions the validity of the votes in conjunction with his apparent success.

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