O’Toole mocks election poster thieves

An SDLP election candidate has mocked officials for removing his campaign posters in south Belfast.

Matthew O’Toole took to social media after his campaign posters were taken down this week, joking that they were “presumably” taken “by memorabilia-hungry fans”.

“I would like to reassure them about the supply,” he said. “To quote the famous Irish political sage Jimmy Cricket…there is more.”

The removal of the incumbent MP’s posters comes just weeks after his running mate Elsie Trainor was assaulted after confronting two men who removed his posters.

Ms Trainor had confronted the couple who called her a “Republican bastard”. She was then assaulted after chasing the culprits on foot in Ormeau Park.

The South Belfast candidate took video footage of the suspects and passed it on to the PSNI, which is treating the incident as a hate crime.

The SDLP received over 10,000 votes after transfers in the 2017 Assembly elections in South Belfast.

The May 5 poll will be the first campaign contest for Mr. O’Toole and Ms. Trainor.

The former was co-opted to replace Claire Hanna as MP for South Belfast when she was elected MP for the region in 2019.

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