New York State Assembly, Net Approvals of Senate Candidates

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Candidates for New York State Assembly and Staten Island Senate have won support from statewide elected officials, national advocacy groups and local community leaders as they are preparing for the June and August primaries.


Paul Ciurcina Jr.

Retired NYPD Detective Paul Ciurcina Jr., the Staten Island Republican Party’s choice in the Republican primary for the Mid-Island State Assembly seat, has won the endorsement of various unions and officials local. More recently, he received support from Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella.

The borough president highlighted the values ​​that he, Ciurcina and other party members share.

“Paul Ciurcina is the best choice to represent Staten Island in the State Assembly. Paul served in the NYPD with distinction, receiving the Medal of Honor for his bravery in saving the life of a fellow officer,” he said. “Paul also shares our values ​​of supporting police, opposing reckless warrants, and lowering tax rates to keep jobs in New York. It will be a guaranteed vote to keep violent criminals off the streets and in jail.

“I strongly encourage all Republicans to vote for Paul Ciurcina in the upcoming Republican primary this Tuesday, June 28,” Fossella added.

Sam Pirozzolo

Sam Pirozzolo, who is also running in the Republican primary race for the 63rd Assembly District seat, has won the endorsement of political groups, unions and advocacy groups.

The Richmond County Conservative Party (CPRC) recently announced its support for Pirozzolo in the race.

“Sam Pirozzolo has the experience and qualifications to serve Staten Island well in the State Assembly. His election is integral to our efforts to break the supermajority of Democrats in the Legislature and end one-party rule in Albany,” CPRC Chairman David Mario Curcio said.

Pirozzolo thanked Curcio, noting his long history with the party.

“My history with the conservative party goes back a long way and I am extremely grateful to President Curcio for his friendship, his trust and his support,” he said. “Thank you to the county committee for your blessing as we fight together to restore common sense, sanity and conservative principles to Albany.”

New York Parents Union President Mona Davids praised Pirozzolo in her announcement of the union’s endorsement for him.

“The New York City Parents Union is thrilled to endorse Sam Pirozzolo for New York State Assembly District 63. Sam has proven himself to be a tireless leader for students and parents not only in Staten Island, but all over New York City,” Davids said. “I have known Sam for many years and know that no one will represent the people of Staten Island better than Sam.”

The former District 31 Community Education Council (CEC) president thanked Davids and reiterated his dedication to education advocacy.

“NYCPU is a wonderful organization fighting for the safety of our children in schools and serving as Vice President has been an honor. I will never stop fighting for what is right to keep our children safe while enjoying a quality education,” Pirozzolo said. “Thank you to Mona Davids and the rest of the NYCPU team for the trust and ongoing partnership.”

Pirozzolo also recently received endorsements from PLACENYC (Parent Leaders for Accelerate Curriculum and Education) and the Ronald Reagan Conservative Club.


Sarah Blas

Community organizer Sarah Blas, who hopes to succeed State Senator Diane Savino (D-Staten Island/South Brooklyn) for the 23rd District seat, recently received an endorsement from Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor Ana María Archila.

“I am so excited to stand alongside the amazing Sarah Blas and support her campaign. Sarah is coming forward to represent the community where I started organizing; the community where I learned the power of people who fight for each other,” Archila said. [to Sarah] I’m so glad you’re channeling that power and those voices, and I look forward to seeing you in the State Senate.

After thanking Anchila for her endorsement, Blas also declared his “full support” for the lieutenant governor candidate.

“I’m thrilled to help put in incredible candidates, like Ana Maria, who I know will fight hard not just for affordable housing, but also for people with disabilities like me, and to make sure that so many people who are often invisible are seen in the democratic process,” she said.

Jessica Scarcella Spanton

Democratic candidate Jessica Scarcella-Spanton’s supporting slate has the backing of many unions, including more recently the Lieutenants Benevolent Association (LBA) and the Detective Endowments’ Endowment Association (DEA).

“Jessica Scarcella-Spanton’s commitment to putting public safety first warrants the LBA’s endorsement in the New York State Senate District 23 Democratic primary,” said the LBA President, Louis Turco.

DEA Chairman Paul DiGiacomo highlighted Scarcella-Spanton’s dedication to defending uniformed agents.

“We hope Jessica will fight for the needs and concerns of New York’s blue collar workers, especially those who proudly wear the shields of the NYPD,” he said.

Scarcella-Spanton recently received support from the Jewish press.

Former staffer of Senator Diane Savino (D-Staten Island/South Brooklyn) also received the 2022 award Moms demand action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction. While not a formal endorsement, it is the organization’s stamp of approval for candidates who “advocate for the prevention of gun violence and pledge to govern with care.” gun safety in mind.


Due to redistricting incidents, New Yorkers will vote for seats in the State Assembly on June 28. A second primary for the U.S. House of Representatives and state Senate seats will be held Aug. 23.

Early voting for the June primary will end on Sunday, June 26. Click here for more information on early voting.

Note the following deadlines for mail-in ballots in the June primary.

  • June 27 – Last day to apply in person for the postal vote.
  • June 28 – Last day to vote with the postmark. Must be received by the Local Elections Committee no later than July 5.
  • June 28 – Last day to deliver the ballot in person to the local electoral commission (by someone other than the voter).

Click on here for more information on applying and voting by mail.


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