Mower County voters on the first day of voting for the August 9 complicated election

“It’s not normal for us when it comes to elections. With a straight face I can say, vote for me early and often because there are many layers, levels and stages in this process,” Finstad said.

“Honestly, as a new candidate, new to office, I think that’s a bit of a bonus. Voters are getting to know me better and I’ve had more opportunities to come out and listen and learn people in the district,” Ettinger said. of the single breed.

The other election is a primary for the November general election. This means choosing candidates for positions such as state senator, attorney general and secretary of state.

It also means choosing another candidate for US House District One. This time to fill the position for the next two years, starting in 2023.

“If they come into the office, they can fill out the application and get the ballot at the same time and vote in person,” Mower County Auditor Scott Felten said.

Ettinger and Finstad also participate in this race. Voters on Friday said it was important to go to the polls because it gives people the chance to have a say in policy-making. These two voters chose to vote early for the flexibility of their working hours.

“I always like to encourage others to vote, so getting out early and voting really gives me the opportunity to tell them – I’ve already voted, so what will your decision be?” said Bill McLain, an Austin voter.

“It’s exciting, I guess, to have a say in what’s happening in Austin, what’s happening in Minnesota,” added Molly Berglund, another Austin voter.

For more information on polling places, visit the Secretary of State’s website here.

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