Morning Joe mocks David Perdue’s comments on 2020 election

Morning Joe dragged the candidate for governor of Georgia David Lost for flattering Donald trump saying he would not have certified the state’s election results in 2020.

Morning Joe held a conversation Thursday about how Trump made the “big lie” that the election was “stolen” a litmus test for the Republican Party’s loyalty to him. This forced the panel to bring up Perdue interview with Axios where the former senator said he would not have approved the election results.

“Not with the information that was available then and not with the information that has come out now,” Perdue said. “They had a lot of time to investigate this. And I wouldn’t have signed it until these things were investigated and that’s all we were asking for. “

Trump has approved Perdue’s candidacy while specifying that it is an extension of his political grudge against the governor Brian kemp (R-GA). The former president has lambasted Kemp and other Georgia state officials since they certified his defeat in the state and refused to support his bogus claims of massive voter fraud.

Perdue has been squarely behind Trump throughout his grudge with state officials, even though the former president has potentially undermined him by casting doubt on the election and declining voter turnout. This is when Joe scarborough remarked “Donald Trump was responsible for his defeat in his race for the Senate.”

After Mika brzezinski laughed at Perdue’s last comments, Scarborough turned to Willie geist and said “you learn conspiracy theories with people and when you finally give them facts that they just can’t escape, they say ‘I don’t know’. It’s just how I feel.

“Here is Perdue making a fool of herself, has no shame,” said Scarborough. “And what fascinates me, I just wonder, what’s worth putting yourself down to this point for a talk show host?”

Geist picked it up from there reminding viewers that Trump lost Georgia after the state’s vote was counted multiple times.

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