Milton Keynes Local Election 2022 candidates for Bletchley, Olney and all other wards

Voters in Milton Keynes will go to the polls in May for the 2022 local elections. A third of all Milton Keynes council seats – one in each of the council’s 19 wards – are contested.

The ballot will take place on Thursday May 5, with voters across the borough of Milton Keynes invited to cast their ballots. The votes will then be counted and the winners announced in the following days.

Candidates from the Labor Party and the Conservative Party are vying for all the seats in the election. The Liberal Democrats are fielding candidates in 18 of the 19 districts.

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The Green Party is fielding 11 candidates in this election. The Women’s Equality Party has one candidate and there are two candidates running as independents.

BuckinghamshireLive has listed the candidates for each ward below. Constituencies are listed alphabetically and candidates are listed alphabetically by surname.

East Bletchley:

FRENCH Joe: The Green Party

KHAN, Mohammed Delwar: Labor Party

MARLOW, James Richard Alan: The Conservative Party

MCCABE, Sean Douglas: Liberal Democrat

Bletchley Park:

GRIFFITHS, Sarah Rhiannon: Liberal Democrat

LONG, Nigel Matthew: Labor and Co-operative Party

RANKINE, Allan Roy: The Conservative Party

SHEPPARD, Michael John: Green Party

Bletchley West:

ADEWALE Ben: Liberal Democrat

BRADY Department: Independent

LEGG, Mick: Labor and Co-operative Party

MICHAEL, Godwin Antony: The Conservative Party

SEGEBRECHT, Axel: Green Party


EXON, Rex: Liberal Democrat Think Tank

KHAN Shadat Jaffar: Labor Party

PANTHULA: Krishna Murthy: Curator

Introduced on:

AHUJA, Dev: The Conservative Party

CROOKS, Sam: Liberal Democrat Think Tank

DOWLING, Monica Stella: Labor Party

Campbell Park and Old Woughton:

DURUGO, Christian Uzoma Chinedu: Labor Party

HEARNSHAW, John Howard: Conservative Party candidate

OGUNTOLA, Nana: Liberal Democrat Think Tank

Milton Keynes Centre:

HOUCHIN, Russell Frederick: Liberal Democrat

IMRAN, Haider Kabeer: The Conservative Party

PRIESTLEY, Moriah Nkechinyere Adaku: Labor Party

Danesborough and Walton:

BELCHER, Veronica: Labor Party

CAVE, Rebecca Ann: Liberal Democrat

HOPKINS, David George: Conservative Party candidate

SKELTON, Peter William: Green Party

Loughton and Shenley:

CLARK, Stephen: Liberal Democrat

MAHENDRAN, Shanika Caitlin: Labor and Cooperative Party

TAYLOR, Dominic John: Green Party

WILKINSON, Ethan Ronan: Conservative Party candidate


FERRANS, Jennifer Margaret Patricia: Liberal Democrats

PETCHEY, Martin Ronald: Labor Party

TAMAGNINI, Jaime: The candidate of the conservative party

Newport Pagnell North and Hanslope:

ANDREWS, Liam Jack: The Conservative Party candidate

LLOYD, Gary Nicholas: Green Party

OYAKHIRE, Tony: Liberal Democrat Think Tank

WWILD, Jane Deborah: Party for Women’s Equality

WOOD, Carol Ann: Labor Party

Newport Pagnell South:

BROWN, Stephen Michael: Labor Party

CARR, Andy: Liberal Democrat Think Tank

KAYANI, Yusrah: The Conservative Party candidate


BETHUNE, Dee: Labor Party

BROWN, Ben: Independent

GEARY, Peter James: The Conservative Party

ROSE, Catherine Jean: Green Party

End of Shenley Creek:

ADELIYI, Ade: The candidate of the Conservative Party

CANNON, Peter Paul: Liberal Democrat Think Tank

NAYEE, Akash: Labor Party


DUFFIELD, Greg: Liberal Democrat

EDWARDS, Peter: Green Party

KHAN, Naseem: Labor Party

WRIGHT, Babs: Conservative Party candidate

Peter Stratford:

GREENWOOD, Richard Michael: Liberal Democrat

LEWIS, David Anthony: Green Party

SHARMA, Rajeev: The candidate of the Conservative Party

WILSON-MARKLEW, Jennifer Mcelvie: Labor Party


BJORCK, Lucy Rebecca: Green Party

MALIK, Rukhsana Kossier: Labor Party

MUZAMMIL, Fathima Shazna: The candidate of the Conservative Party

WALDEN, Steven: Liberal Democrat


FRANCIS, Alan Herbert: Green Party

MIDDLETON, Robert James: Labor and Co-operative Party

PORTILHO, Thai: Liberal Democrat

STREET, Jonathan Sam: the candidate of the Conservative Party

Woughton & Fishermead:

MCQUILLAN, Amber Teagan: Labor Party

ROY, Raissa: Liberal Democrat

VASSILAKIS, Tatiana: The candidate of the Conservative Party

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