Meet the Republican Candidates for Congress, Governor and New York State Senate

LOWVILLE, New York (WWNY) – Republican politicians gathered at the Lewis County Fairgrounds on Saturday.

It was organized by the Lewis County Republican Committee to encourage people to vote, but also to hear the candidates’ position on a variety of issues such as inflation.

“My main priorities are to make sure that we push back against the failed policies that we see in Washington DC, therefore inflation. That means I believe we need to get our spending under control and lower taxes,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik.

Representative for the 21st congressional district, Elise Stefanik, said she is also focused on fighting for farmers, manufacturers and the cost of energy. Stefanik says she hopes voters flip the house in this election.

“People are really fed up with what they’re seeing, whether it’s inflation and the inability to pay their grocery bill when it comes time to pay for groceries, because they keep seeing those prices go up,” Stefanik said.

Other candidates, like Harry Wilson who is running for governor, and Assemblyman Mark Walczyk who is currently running for state Senate, say they want to cut taxes and stop inflation.

“If we cut taxes by 20 to 25 percent for all New Yorkers, it will lower the cost of living because of regulations coming out of Albany for the cost of food energy and housing,” Wilson said.

“We need to get to these and stop worrying about the issue of the day that is really driving the policy of our state government right now,” Walczyk said.

With the recent mass shootings in the United States, some of the candidates have also shared their opinions on gun control.

“We clearly need to do more in terms of school resources, in terms of training school districts to make sure they have the resources and the capacity to strengthen our schools,” Stefanik said.

“The problem is that there are only three groups of people, the criminals, the mentally ill and people who commit acts of hate like this monster in Buffalo. And those are the people we should be looking for,” WIlson said.

Stefanik and Wilson both say violating 2nd Amendment rights isn’t the way to go, but funding more mental health resources and ensuring the nation’s Instant Criminal Background Check, or NICS, system is fully finance.

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