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Caught on camera: Youths removed Sinead McLaughlin election posters

SDLP Foyle Assembly candidate Sinéad McLaughlin has expressed anger after a number of her campaign posters were removed and burned.

Photos and video taken last night show the posters were taken down and then burned in the Riverside Terrace area of ​​Derry.

PSNI and firefighters attended shortly after 1 a.m. and the fire was extinguished.

Ms McLaughlin has called for an end to attacks on election posters after a number of incidents in the city and across the North.

Candidate Foyle said: ‘It really angers me that anyone thinks they have the right to take down my election posters and burn them in the street.

“Hard working volunteers spent hours putting up these posters and it is totally unacceptable that they were treated this way.

“I would like to thank the fire brigade and the police for attending to this incident and putting out the fire.

“As someone who has lived in Derry all my life, raised my children here and worked in our business community for many years, it is painful to see your image burned and young people used in this way.

“As a Councilor and MP, I have worked on behalf of all communities in this city and I will not be deterred by this incident or any attempt to impact my campaign.

“This grim development is another toxic incident in what is shaping up to be an extremely difficult election campaign.

“My SDLP colleagues and representatives of other parties had their posters burned, while others were threatened and even assaulted.

“I call on every politician to send a clear message that this kind of behavior is totally unacceptable, no one should have to put up with it.

“I will dust myself off, put up new posters and resume the election campaign today to send a clear message that I will not put up with this kind of nonsense.”

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