Local government election vote recount to take place today – Eye Witness News

They are excited about what they can do in their communities and have already told me about their needs and how best to meet them. [and] help them as their district’s governing body — Clay Sweeting

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Parliamentary Registration Service continued to receive unofficial local election results late into the night yesterday.

Polling stations closed at 6 p.m.

Contacted after 8 p.m., Parliamentary Commissioner Lavado Duncanson said Eyewitness News that while it would be premature to talk about the results, the department received reports throughout the day that “things were progressing well throughout the day.”

“We’re still getting the unofficial results right now,” he said.

“The recount is scheduled for tomorrow.

In an earlier interview, Island Family Affairs Minister Clay Sweeting and Central and South Abaco MP John Pinder, who were in Abaco, said the candidates had made their presence known on the family islands. .

“There’s a lot of excitement here on Abaco,” Sweeting said.

“There is a lot of campaigning on the ground and the people, especially the candidates, are in full force.

“They are excited about what they can do in their communities and have already told me about their needs and how best to meet them. [and] assist them as the governing body of their districts.

“They are excited to be involved.”

Meanwhile, Pinder said it is essential that local government and parliamentarians work hand in hand to prioritize and solve problems in a systematic way.

“First and foremost, local governments and their MPs in the respective areas must work closely together and push for issues to be taken seriously, addressed and resolved.”

Local government elections were due to take place in June 2020 but were believed to be under a public state of emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the state of emergency ended last November, the COVID-19 Pandemic Special Provisions Act 2021 extended the 90-year suspension to allow for an orderly election.

Thousands of people flocked to the polls across the family islands yesterday, although the exact number of participants remains unclear.

Inauguration day was January 6.

More than 600 people nominated for local government positions.

The results are expected to be released on January 31.

The government has said it is seriously considering transforming local government so that residents of the Family Islands are more included in governance.

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