Letter: It’s time for Boebert to go

It’s time for Colorado voters to say ‘enough is enough’ and vote for US Rep. Lauren Boebert’s opponent, whoever she is, in the 2022 election. I am a registered independent voter and believe in right of citizens to bear arms.

That said, his last shot, to arm his children with high powered guns in front of a Christmas tree, and posting it online, is disgusting. There is no place for this post in Colorado, or any other state (note Kentucky) during the holidays or any other season. I am not prepared to remain silent, as so many of our representatives seem to be, when a representative glorifies armed children in the wake of so many tragic school shootings. This stunt sends the wrong message to children and their parents and should not be tolerated. I will support his opponent with my time, energy and money as much as possible in the next election. I encourage all Colorado residents to do the same.

To counter these destructive messages, there are positive opportunities to support local organizations trying to provide resources to struggling youth. Open Counseling is one such organization, offering free or low cost confidential counseling and therapy sessions to young people. Responsible representatives should advance the work of these types of organizations, not self-advocate by being photographed with armed children. Take a stand, make your voice heard and vote against Boebert.

I approve of this holiday message: Peace on Earth, goodwill to all.

Fred doyle


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