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Kierin Offlands, who appears on the cover of election literature alongside his girlfriend Aisha Malik-Smith, received a formal warning last year after sharing a social media post comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. He was dragged in front of Labor bosses after sharing a post which called Israel Defense Forces soldiers “assault soldiers” and “ZioNazis” while serving as a youth officer for the Southport Labor Party.

But activists were furious when Mr Offlands received a warning after the internal investigation, not least because it was an open challenge to a key recommendation in Baroness Chakrabarti’s report on Labor anti-Semitism, that party members should avoid making comparisons with the Nazis, especially when it comes to Israel and Palestine.

Speaking at the time, Labor Party anti-Semitism spokesperson Euan Philipps said: “Jeremy Corbyn says there is zero tolerance for anti-Semitism within the Labor Party, but evidence repeatedly shows that there is apparently a great deal of tolerance for racial discrimination against Jews.

“The Labor Party must tackle this problem urgently. “

But anti-Semitism continues to haunt the Labor Party, with Jeremy Corbyn again forced to defend his record during the televised leaders’ debate last night when the issue was raised by Boris Johnson.

The PM said Mr Corbyn’s record was “a complete failure of leadership – what happened in the Labor Party about anti-Semitism?”

In response, Mr Corbyn called anti-Semitism “an absolute evil and scourge in our society” and insisted that the party was taking the issue “very, very seriously”.

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He said: “Racism in all its forms is a scourge in our society.

“I took action in my party where anyone who committed anti-Semitic acts or made anti-Semitic statements was suspended or expelled from the party and investigated each case.

“We take this very, very seriously indeed.”

He said: “I have spent my life opposing racism in all its forms.

“Whether by the far right or by the random attacks against individuals, or against a man who was murdered in front of my house because he was a Muslim and there was a racist behind the wheel of a vehicle who thought it was good. enter a crowd of worshipers.

“As much as those people who attack synagogues, put fascist graffiti on them or attack the Jews of this country. “

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