Kremlin propagandist bizarrely claims Putin is so popular he would beat Biden in US presidential election, report says

A Kremlin propagandist has bizarrely claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is so popular that Americans will overwhelmingly choose to vote for him over President Joe Biden.

Yaakov Kedmi, a regular commentator for Russian state media, appeared on Thursday’s episode of “Tonight with Vladimir Soloviev” and claimed Putin’s global popularity is skyrocketing, according to the daily beast.

Whereas Putin’s approval ratings in Russia have skyrocketed since he ordered the invasion of Ukraine, the unprovoked war has damaged his international reputation. Nonetheless, Kedmi told Russian state media that Putin is eligible in Western countries.

“It was said that [the West] is winning a propaganda war, but I’m not so sure,” Kedmi said, according to the Daily Beast. “Look at any country in Europe. Look at France: who is more popular Macron or Poutine?

After other commentators replied that the answer was Putin, Kedmi suggested that the Russian leader is also more popular in Germany, Italy and the United States than their current rulers, according to the Daily Beast.

Kedmi said: “If tomorrow Putin announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States, who in the United States could rival him in popularity?”

According to the Daily Beast, foreign policy analyst Alexander Kamkin replied, “And Trump would become his vice president.”

According to the poll, which polled 3,581 American adults, positive views of Putin are in the single digits. Only 6% of respondents said they trusted the Russian leader to do the right thing in global affairs. However, 48% of those polled are confident in Biden’s ability to do the same.

Kamkin’s implausible suggestion that Trump would be Putin’s vice president follows a Russian state TV host suggesting that Moscow could “reinstate” him as US president.

Insider John Haltiwanger reported that Olga Skabeyeva, a prominent Kremlin propagandist, has suggested that Russia has the power to propel Trump into the White House if he chooses to run.

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