Inspire ticket beats Unity in tight CUSG election

(Independent artwork by Josh Shettler/CU)

Inspire ticket leadership candidates Ben Lansbury and Milan Nayat won CU’s student government tri-executive race in spring 2022, narrowly beating the Unity ticket by less than two percentage points and becoming the first ticket with only two candidates to lead CU’s student government since 1984.

5,386 students ran for election, or 16.7% of all eligible students, a record for a UC student government election.

In the general election of representatives, Julia Brehm of Inspire, Nick Monroy of Inspire, Christine Nguyen of Unity and Sally Webster of Unity secured all four seats.

In other ballot initiatives, students voted yes to clarify the roles and responsibilities of various roles within CUSG, add new positions to the joint council, and make formatting and styling improvements to the constitution.

Students voted against expanding the membership of the representative council and increasing the number of votes allocated to the Council of Colleges and Schools, and voted no against an amendment allowing student governments of local colleges and schools to apply temporary budget per fiscal year.

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