Information about changes to Cheshire’s electoral constituency

The following information was received from the Cheshire Register of Electors:

In the coming weeks, all voters in Cheshire, regardless of party affiliation, will receive individual notices of the new polling stations by post. Your polling place may have changed due to redistricting. Please watch the mail for this important notice.

Does my polling station
Remains the same?

All households in Cheshire will receive notices advising them of how to confirm their correct polling stations ahead of the primary election on August 9. Your polling station may be the same. If not, we want to make sure you are aware of any changes and that your voting experience is safe, secure and easy.

Does redistricting create new polling stations?

The seven current polling stations will remain in service. There is no suitable site in the northeast corner of Cheshire in the new 83rd Assembly District, so citizens residing there will continue to vote at Chapman School.

Will my state and local representatives remain the same?

If your local district has changed, you can find contact details for your new representative on the Cheshire City Elections Department webpage at

Connecticut State Senators and Assembly Representatives currently continue to serve in their pre-district areas. Those elected in November 2022 will begin their terms in the new state districts in January 2023.

Why cut again this year?

The constitutions of the United States and Connecticut require state legislative districts to be redrawn every ten years to ensure equal representation. Locally, Cheshire’s charter requires the town to be divided into four electoral wards, each being as equal as possible in number of voters.

Who approved the new districts?

The bipartisan Connecticut Redistributive Committee prepared a distribution plan based on the 2020 census and the General Assembly approved it by a two-thirds vote in the fall of 2021. To make local districts in Cheshire compatible with the changing state borders and reflecting population shifts within the city, the Elections Department submitted a bipartisan redistricting plan to the City Council, which approved new local district lines on June 21.

A list of streets in Cheshire and their neighborhoods can be found on the City of Cheshire Electoral Service webpage at

You can call the Elections Office at (203) 271-6680 to check your registration status or the location of the polling station.

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