How the redistricting could affect your vote

WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Before heading to the polls, Wichita County wants to remind voters of some possible changes they might not notice until they fill out a ballot.

With this election coming after the recent U.S. census, Wichita County Ward 1 Commissioner Mark Beauchamp said the county needs to do the necessary redistricting to ensure equal representation in all four precincts.

This means that some who previously lived on the fringes of certain neighborhoods can now be drawn back into another and could find out by voting for their representatives.

“Some things have changed, so make sure you know which constituency you are in and understand that it may be different for you this time around compared to several past election cycles. So make sure you know who you’re voting for before you arrive,” Beauchamp said.

Another change that Wichita County voters may notice concerns state representation. The easternmost portions of the county will remain under District 30 and State Sen. Drew Springer. Slightly more than half of the western portion will now fall under District 28 and State Senter Charles Perry.

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