How much do I tip on vacation?

The pandemic has been financially difficult for many who are making our lives easier, and a generous tip this time of year can go a long way.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Vacation tips are a great way to reward hard-working people who make our lives easier throughout the year, but many people may not know who gets tips and how much.

Ted Rossman is Senior Industry Analyst at Credit He says, for starters, that there’s no need to tip for the holidays, but giving a little to those we care about would be a welcome addition this holiday season.

“I think it’s a great way to keep some money in the local community and reward the people who make our lives better and easier,” Rossman said.

People tend to tip service providers based on their relationship with them, according to Rossman, a recent poll showed 45% of American adults say they usually also tip people higher than usual. service providers who normally receive tips throughout the year, such as their preferred hairstylist / barber, food delivery person and bartender or coffee barista.

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“All of these service providers have faced unique challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and many have likely lost income,” Rossman adds. “If you can afford it, giving a little extra while on vacation could make a big difference.”

A common guideline for vacation tips is $ 25 for teachers, $ 50 for a child care provider or housekeeper, and $ 20 for the letter carrier.

It’s also good to consider the cost of the service, so if your barber usually charges you $ 100, match that at the end of the year as a thank you.

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“Maybe the same for a babysitter, a nanny, a housekeeper,” Rossman said. “Maybe what you pay them per day or if it’s a weekly visit, maybe you’ll double just over the holidays.”

Rossman’s group also found that Gen Z are more likely to give more while on vacation (51%), compared to 48% of Millennials, 43% of Gen X, and 42% of Baby Boomers.

However, it doesn’t always have to be cash or a card, you can always leave an assortment of prepackaged snacks or drinks outside your door for delivery drivers to let them know you appreciate them.

In short, a sense of goodwill, common sense, and specific circumstances should be your guide when giving that little extra to thank yourself for everything you do and a great vacation.

“Sometimes giving to people in your local community is a great way to spread the holiday cheer.”

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