Former President Trump backs Van Drew for re-election


US Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-NJ-2, has once again secured one of the hardest-to-get and coveted Republican backers around.

Congressman Van Drew has exclusively confirmed to me that former U.S. President Donald Trump has approved his candidacy for re-election in the upcoming national midterm election on November 8, 2022.

President Trump first endorsed Van Drew in the Oval Office, when Van Drew changed political parties ahead of the November 2, 2020 election.

With this decision, Van Drew became the first member in the history of the United States House of Representatives to switch from the majority party to the minority party.

Van Drew is now expected to return directly to the majority party after the 2022 election.

In modern American history, the incumbent president’s party lost an average of 28 seats in the first midterm election.

This average number of lost seats is occurring without major problems in the country.

This year, inflation has skyrocketed. The Biden administration’s response to COVID-19 and the latest variant has been fragile.

There is an overall austere mood in America. House Democrats currently have at least 70 members who are at risk of losing their seats.

A number of leading Democrats have already announced that they will not stand for re-election.

They won’t submit out loud, but Democrats believe they have already lost their slim majority in the House of Representatives.

Barack Obama-Joe Biden lost over 60 seats in the 2010 midterm elections.

Republicans only need five seats to regain a majority.

President Trump has previously confirmed that he will be very selective in terms of approving candidates for election or re-election.

As the approvals grew, Van Drew received the biggest Republican endorsement there is… President Trump.

It offers support and the ability to raise funds.

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