Former Mets manager Bobby Valentine hints at voter fraud, tries to become mayor

Bobby valentine added one more loss to his record on Tuesday night.

The former New York Mets manager was defeated in his bid for mayor of Stamford, Conn.

Democratic state representative Caroline Simmons was elected on Tuesday as Valentine admitted defeat in what ended up being a close race decided by mail-in votes.

In her brief remarks, Valentine, 71, criticized the media coverage of her candidacy and also praised her hometown.

“I will always love the people of this town and always think Stamford is special,” said Valentine. Earlier that night, he described the margin between himself and Simmons as “thin as paper” and said the race would be decided by mail-in votes. As in last year’s presidential election, Connecticut voters could use the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to vote by mail in this year’s municipal election.

However, Valentine also alluded to concerns about voter fraud, according to the Daily New York News.

“It makes my stomach turn to think that in our city they’re actually saying to me now, ‘Oh, someone voted in person and they forgot they voted by absence,’” said Valentine. He didn’t say who the “they” told him about people who voted more than once. But finally, around midnight, Valentine announced that he had lost.

“Someone says maybe I’m supposed to thank the media for all the lousy coverage they gave us or maybe even compliment (Simmons’ team) for the campaign they ran, but I can’t do it with an open heart and a clear mind, so I’m just going to say the campaign is over, ”he said.

It was the first political campaign for Valentine, a former Republican who ran as an unaffiliated candidate after submitting 188 signatures to be on the ballot.

Valentine led the Mets from 1996 to 2002, leading the club to World Series 2000, which he lost to the New York Yankees in five games.

Valentine’s first job as a skipper came with the Texas Rangers from 1985 to 1992. He returned in 2012 for a disastrous season in the Boston Red Sox canoe.

In June 2013, Valentine was appointed sports director at the University of the Sacred Heart in nearby Fairfield, Connecticut.


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