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Two Jacksonville men have been charged with registering deceased people to vote. Devin Deangelo King and Jordan Rayeshaun Daniels have both been arrested. The motive does not appear to be political, but personal financial gain.

“It was a group that worked with what we call a third party organization”, noted Duval County Election Supervisor Mike Hogan. “… We didn’t see anything political. They were, I think, greedy people. There is an incentive there to bring in as many as possible. “

Hogan argued that the discovery of more than 60 dead voter registrations does not, on the whole, indicate gaps in Duval County’s election integrity process.

“It just shows the diligence of the people who work through this process to make sure that all is well, not just the accuracy of the vote count, but the validity of our voters list,” Hogan noted. “You have to be diligent to make sure you keep accurate records, and that’s proof that we can find it and eliminate it. “

According to the state attorney’s office, investigators were due to meet with the Duval County election supervisor in August in an effort to examine voter inconsistencies. The requests for registration on the electoral rolls reported were handed over to the investigators.

“As we go down the list the first thing we will check is the driver’s license number and the driver’s license number and the names match, but when we looked at the signature it didn’t match. at the signing of our file “, Hogan noted To Jax News Action. “Then we noticed there was a pattern and we found several. “

The business model for getting paid for voter registration is on an application basis. The two indicted and arrested men intended to register as many people as possible in order to be paid per demand.

“The security of voter registration and elections is a serious matter and of paramount importance today”, noted Hogan. “It is essential that voters in Duval County, the State of Florida and the nation as a whole have confidence in the registration and election process from start to finish. The discovery of these attempted fraud shows that the system here in Duval County and across Florida is secure and trustworthy. Voters can be confident that their information is secure and will be counted accurately. “

This follows the passage by the Florida Legislature of new, court-upheld election integrity laws based on 2012 Grand Jury Recommendations linked to a Miami-Dade electoral fraud case at the time.

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Grant Holcomb is a journalist at Florida Capital Star and the Star News network. Follow Grant on Twitter and advice on direct messages.

Republished with permission from The star of the capital of Florida.

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