Fine Gael adviser mocks election poster error in which his last name is printed twice

A COUNCILOR found himself seeing double after his last name was printed twice and his first name was omitted from his election posters.

Meath City Councilor and Farmer Eugene Cassidy for the Fine Gael was intimidating when he received his local election signs and they read “Cassidy Cassidy”.


Fine Gael advisor Eugene Cassidy mocked the poster’s blunder

But the local representative, who was first elected in 2004, found the amusing side of the incident, saying, “They look great, but if only they had the right name.

“I would say they were printing so many posters for the upcoming election that they just didn’t realize my name is actually Eugene Cassidy and not Cassidy Cassidy.”

Speaking to The Irish Sun, Cllr Cassidy said he was aware of the mistake before hanging the posters, but felt there was not enough time to fix them .

He added: “Everyone was wrong.

“I received them in large lots and they were all covered in plastic.

“I took them home and unpacked them and just said, ‘Oh my god.’ But then I was like sure what you can do, so I put them in place anyway. .


“I’ve had a few people calling me about this who noticed it, but I would say most don’t even notice it.

“They pass quickly in a car and just see the tall Cassidy.

“A girl I know took a picture and put it on Facebook.

“I just had to pick them up. I didn’t have time to try changing or DIYing them.

“I think it’s okay, most people will only see my face and Cassidy when they drive by.

“I’m well known in the rural part of the riding, so once they saw the face they would recognize it’s me.”

Images of the faux pau poster have circulated on social media with people finding humor in the improper term.

The local representative joked that he hoped no one would vote for Cassidy Cassidy and let him hang.

“I was amazed at how many people noticed it and contacted me about it, joking about who this other running Cassidy is.

“I am now wondering if my vote will be widespread now or if I will get double the votes.

“I don’t mind until people come into the voting booths looking for Cassidy Cassidy, find him and leave.”

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