Filing begins soon for primary elections in Caldwell County

According to a press release issued by the Caldwell County government, filing for the 2022 primary election will begin on Monday, December 6 at noon and end on Friday, December 17 at noon. To file, individuals must be registered voters in Caldwell County.

Nominations for state and local offices will take place at the Caldwell County Board of Elections at 120 Hospital Avenue in Lenoir. Applicants will have to pay the administrative fees by check or cash. If you are paying in cash, correct change is required.

The 2022 contests in Caldwell County include the Council of Commissioners where two seats are contested. That’s a $ 57 application fee. These seats are currently occupied by Mike LaBrose and Donnie Potter. In addition, four Board of Education seats are up for grabs for a $ 12 application fee. These seats are currently occupied by Teresa Branch, BJ Fore, Duane Knight and Joe Sims.

The Caldwell County Sheriff’s position is also on the 2022 ballot. This is a filing fee of $ 785.83. This seat is currently occupied by Alan Jones. The court clerk is also on the Caldwell County ballot. This is a filing fee of $ 1,076.25 and the seat is currently owned by Angela Kidd.

The seat of the 87th District of the North Carolina House of Representatives is also up for grabs for a $ 140 application fee. This seat is currently held by Destin Hall. Due to the redistribution, Caldwell County was divided into two separate districts of the North Carolina Senate, the 45th and 47th. This is also a $ 140 administration fee. Currently, Deanna Ballard represents District 45 of the North Carolina Senate and Ralph Hise represents District 47. Prior to the redistribution, Caldwell County was part of District 46 and was represented by Warren Daniels.

The seats for District 11 of the US Congress and the US Senate are also on the ballot. Candidates must file for these offices at the North Carolina State Council of Elections in Raleigh.

The 2022 statewide primary election will be held on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. For more information on the filing, visit or call the County Electoral Board office of Caldwell at 828-757-1342 or 828-757-1326.

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