FaceTheFacts: App provides information on Bundestag candidates via analysis of election posters

The FacetheFacts app is primarily intended to help non-voters quickly get an overview of candidate politicians for elections and to facilitate access to specific election topics. To obtain the information he wants, all the user has to do is open the application and point the smartphone’s camera at the election poster.

The app is powered by data, among other things from candidate scrutiny of parliament, Bundestag oversight and Wikidata. The data is only compiled and not edited. The Voting Aid app is non-profit and is available for iOS and Android.

(Image: FaceTheFacts)

According to the initiators, the app is intended to help young voters in particular. The information center was developed by students from the CODE University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Looking ahead, more topics are planned, such as candidate controversies and a news feed, which will also display information from Parliamentwatch.de regardless of election events. The source code for FaceTheFacts is under GPLv3 on Github available for free.

FaceTheFacts partners include the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Prototype Fund, which also supports non-profit projects, Parliamentwatch.de and the listed UNLOCK accelerator.


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