Election poster showing a demolished SDLP candidate from the loyalist Ballysillan region

A PROTESTANT SDLP candidate, whose posters were taken down from a Ballysillan neighborhood close to where she grew up, said that would not prevent her from canvassing in the neighborhood.

Heather Wilson has called “ironic” accusations that she “stirs up tensions” in the North Belfast region where she is originally from.

Ms Wilson is running for the Castle Ward Council election in next month’s local election.

A troll Twitter account previously posted that placing SDLP election posters in “a unionist zone” was an attempt “to exacerbate tensions” adding “They will be removed”.

Ms. Wilson is the first SDLP candidate from a trade union background.

Speaking to The Irish News, Ms Wilson said: “I was upset that someone reacted so negatively to my posters so quickly that they took them down.

“Democracy is about choice. If you don’t like my politics, you don’t need to vote for it.

“This election is about choosing the people who can build a better Belfast and deliver more to the people who have been left behind. This is my message and this is the mission of the SDLP. We don’t care about your journey, we are here to work for everyone.

“This means we will report shady streetlights, fix potholes, distribute literature and display posters in all communities.”

In recent days, Alliance, Sinn Féin and SDLP posters have been taken down in Tyrone. SDLP MP Daniel McCrossan denounced “amateurs” for bragging on social media about collecting Alliance, Sinn Féin and SDLP posters in the region. He said he filed a complaint with the police. Sinn Féin candidates also filed complaints for damage to the posters.

Sinn Fein’s Newtownabbey adviser Michael Goodman has warned of “severe fines” for anyone interfering with election materials while Mid and East Antrim Council Alliance Party candidate Noel Williams said he was “not discouraged” after election posters were defaced in Carrickfergus.

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