Election poster removed from beside the A9 in Perthshire

An election poster for Murdo Fraser near the A9 was destroyed after being in place for only two days.

Election candidate Fraser said he was “really disappointed” that the poster bearing his name and mentioning the shutdown of IndyRef2 had been “already torn to pieces”.

The Scottish Conservative MP candidate from Perthshire North called it “utter shame”, “indiscriminate vandalism” and tweeted that he feared it was part of a “worrying trend” of such actions.

He said other Scottish Tories had received death threats and people across the country feared repercussions would ensue if they displayed blue posters supporting party candidates on their land.

Election candidate Murdo Fraser was “really disappointed” that poster was torn from his roadside position

He blamed SNP supporters for the alleged destructive gesture, visible on the national road from Perth to Inverness, which occurred on Sunday within 48 hours of the planks rise.

He said it was “just one of many such incidents” to take place before the May 6 election.

Mr. Fraser continued, “Acts like this are just indiscriminate and indiscriminate vandalism. The poster next to the A9 had been put up by a local farmer on his land and was shot and torn apart within two days.

“We have had many other posters vandalized across Perth and Kinross during this election campaign and it is utter shame.

“Sadly, this is an all too familiar story for many of us following similar scenes in the 2014 independence referendum and is part of a disturbing trend that has seen an increase in ‘trolls’ on the social media sites used by politicians. “

Mr Fraser said the situation had “reached a grim stage” with death threats reportedly posted on social media against Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross. He also said a man has been charged with allegedly sending death threats to George Galloway.

Mr Fraser added: “I even know people in Perth and Kinross who are too afraid to put up election posters or leaflets declaring their support for the Scottish Tories for fear of recriminations from extremists.

“In this country, we are proud of our democratic process, but it depends on the ability of everyone to express their opinion without fear or intimidation. We should all be concerned if this freedom is threatened. “

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