EBR District 5 residents on the fence for a new representation election – BRProud.com

Residents of EBR District 5 on the fence for a new representational election

More cities institute tough new vaccine mandates | NewsNation Prime

Doctor: We’re leaving in a wave | NewsNation Prime

Baton Rouge law enforcement hopes to reduce crime with improved security cameras

March election date set for East Baton Rouge Metro Council District 5 headquarters

Teenager dies in Angelina County crash, deputy injured

CAUTION: Stalkers may be using aerial tags to track people and cars

Person killed in gun battle involving officer in Pointe Coupee parish

Home invasion in the Bronx: Duo pretending to be UPS, point their grandparents and children at gunpoint

StormTracker Forecast (12.22.21)

CMPD officer, mother of 3 children killed in an accident northeast of Charlotte

Tragic: the CMPD officer was mother of 3 children, wife of the Charlotte firefighter

Entrepreneur fraud victim speaks out and warns others to check licenses

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