CSG resolves ties from recent elections and elects Vice President UMich CSG resolves ties from recent elections and elects Vice President

The University of Michigan Central Student Government met virtually and in person for the first time with newly elected 12th Assembly Representatives on Tuesday evening. The Assembly met to swear in the 12th Assembly and elect several other important positions, including that of President and Vice-President of the Assembly.

The meeting began with the swearing in of LSA Junior Noah Zimmerman, the new CSG President, and LSA Junior Jackie Hillman, the new CSG Vice President. They then took the oath in the entirety of the 12th assembly.

The seats of the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and the College of Engineering were not decided until Tuesday’s meeting due to ties in the election. The assembly elected Eilis Finnigan, a Rackham student, as Taubman’s representative and Ayden Riley, a freshman engineering student, as the engineering representative.

The session then moved on to the election of the President of the Assembly. LSA sophomore Karthik Pasupula ran unopposed and was elected and sworn in as President of the 12th Assembly.

The CSG also organized elections for the position of vice-president of the assembly. The two contestants were LSA freshman Aarushi Ganguly and LSA freshman Olivia O’Connell.

Following Ganguly’s appointment, concerns were raised about her former position as Vice Chair of the Executive Nominations Committee. Rackham’s student Siddharth Chadhauri cited that there were several negative allegations against the committee during Ganguly’s tenure. These allegations included that the committee repeatedly failed to produce valid reports.

“As I understand it, the committee last year was marred by multiple allegations of poorly written and biased reports regarding executive appointees,” Chadhauri said. “In many cases, these reports were incomplete and submitted on a delayed schedule.”

In response to these concerns, Ganguly said that while she was a member of the executive, she did not have much power to direct the actions of the committee. However, she said her time on the committee was a learning experience.

“I learned to be more responsible and more communicative,” Ganguly said.

Assembly members also raised concerns about O’Connell’s lack of experience; she spent less time on CSG than Ganguly. However, O’Connell said she felt she was groomed for the role and that while her CSG record might not be that long, it was not questioned during the debate.

“I’m running for this job because I sincerely believe I have the skills to take on this role,” O’Connell said. “I don’t have a record that was questioned tonight.”

O’Connell also raised concerns about Ganguly signing up for the fall. O’Connell claimed that Ganguly once hinted in conversation with O’Connell that she would transfer schools in the fall. Citing the fact that the position of vice president is a one-year position, O’Connell said that was of concern for Ganguly’s ability to serve as vice president.

Ganguly said she was recently accepted into the University’s School of Public Health, and she believes she will be able to do justice to her position throughout the term.

“I think I can hold this position very well for as long as time permits,” Ganguly said.

After questions and debates were completed, the assembly held a vote and Ganguly was elected and sworn in as vice-president of the 12th assembly.

There were several other positions elected at the meeting:

Public policy junior Divya Periakaruppan was elected chair of the finance committee.

Matt Dargay, a social work student, was elected chair of the resolutions committee.

LSA sophomore Jarek Schmanski was elected chair of the rules committee.

LSA freshman Mario Thaqi was elected as vice-chairman of the finance committee.

O’Connell was elected chair of the communications committee.

Maria Fields, a second-year engineering student, was elected to the position of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator.

LSA freshman Jacob Amspaugh was elected to serve as chair of the executive nominating committee.

LSA senior Tyler Fioritto was elected as chair of the ethics committee.

The assembly also voted on other positions, but assembly representatives did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Daily reporter Riley Hodder can be reached at rehodder@umich.edu.

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