City by city: Virginia, Washburn, Wisconsin

Virginia, MN- The City of Virginia is currently accepting nominations for electoral judges for the August primaries and the November general election. Judges must be 18 years old and have lived in Minnesota for at least 20 days. The training is provided before polling day. Duties include ensuring fair elections and upholding state law. Judges will earn $10 per hour.

Washburn, WI There is one day left to sign up for an annual bike ride! The Upper Views Bike Tour is a scenic tour through Bayfield County that features routes for all abilities. Loops from 13 to 100 miles there is something for everyone. Routes will include maps, support vehicles and rest areas. Registration is due at midnight June 23. The ride is June 25.

Wisconsin- Tips for Pollinator Week! The DNR encourages Wisconsin residents to protect native pollinators by creating safe habitats, volunteering to monitor species, and simply learning more about what’s in your backyard. Pollinators are crucial for agriculture, without them apple growers would lose 80% of their harvest and the famous Wisconsin cherries would lose 60%. For good pollinator habitat, they recommend plant diversity, untended green spaces, and minimal use of pesticides.

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