CHECK: No evidence 2020 election votes were counted overseas

President Trump’s lawyers conducted a press conference that lasted over an hour, but with little evidence.

On Thursday, Rudy Giuliani led a team of Trump campaign lawyers in a nearly two-hour press conference. They questioned the use of voting machines and claimed that ballots for the November 3 presidential election were counted outside the United States.


Have American ballots cast on voting machines actually been counted in foreign countries?


There is currently no evidence that American votes were sent to another country and counted there. Data from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and VerifiedVoting, a nonpartisan nonprofit that studies electoral systems and their security, shows that most counties process and count their ballots within the county. They also show a series of dismissals that would catch any vote tampering.


VerifiedVoting maintains a running map of all voting equipment in the United States, broken down by county.

It separates the ballot into three categories.

First, hand-marked ballots, a physical ballot that a voter fills out and hands in. They are counted by hand or scanned by election officials.

Second, ballot marking devices and systems. You vote on an electronic system that spits out a completed printed ballot, which is then scanned by election officials.

Finally, there are “direct electronic registration” systems. The votes are cast and counted in the same machines. Most can give a paper count in the event of an audit or recount.

The common thread is that they are all counted in the county and have redundancies like paper trails in case any questions arise.

On its rumors versus reality page, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency explains that these layoffs ensure election security and the accuracy and reliability of voting machines.

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In addition, a spokeswoman for the National Association of Secretaries of State, representing officials who typically oversee elections, said, “Elections in the United States of America are administered, held, counted, and certified by state and local election officials. We have never heard of votes tallied in a foreign country.


Votes are counted by every county in the United States – and they all have safeguards to ensure accuracy. There is no evidence that votes in the 2020 presidential election were counted outside the country.

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